Pyramid Schemes are Illegal
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Welcome to, a good source of information about illegal pyramid schemes(also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) programs). This site is a public service to show how pyramid schemes are not only against the law but inherently risky programs to join. You will find information about pyramid schemes, be able to simulate and model various pyramid schemes, and also discuss your experiences and opinion in our forum. This website is completely free and anonymous and is to be used for educational and informational purposes only.

Simulate: is the only website where you can educate yourself about illegal pyramid schemes by simulating a pyramid without risk and without having to provide funds. You may join one of the two ongoing pyramids at the next available level, begin your own pyramid or join one of your friend's pyramids. To experience how you lose by participating in a pyramid, try to recruit members below you. Many people only learn through personal experience and this simulation allows you to learn how illegal pyramids take your money and then fail. Through simulation you learn the lesson without having to experience the actual loss. To the right is a report from a sample simulation.


A brief outline of how pyramid schemes operate and their main pitfalls is discussed including pertinent information of different pyramid types and multi-level marketing schemes. There are many good sources about illegal pyramid schemes and you will find links to these sources of information.


If you do not want to participate in a pyramid simulation, you may instead evaluate illegal pyramid schemes through the use of our calculator. The three most notorious schemes, which are “8-ball”, “Aussie 2 Up”, and a “sales” pyramid, are available for evaluation. A report similar to our Simulation is immediately available based on your initial inputs. This is a great way to see how a pyramid ultimately fails a majority of its participants without having to experience the recruitment requirement of a simulation. An example of this is to the right as well.

Forums & Contact:

Pretty self explanatory, you can discuss pyramid schemes or any of the other topics you see on this site in the forums. Unlike the pyramid simulations, the forums do require an email address for account validation. If you have any comments, questions, corrections or bug reports, please use the Contact button above to send the administrator an email.


In addition to the pyramid information available on this site, there are several small projects that the administrator has completed in his spare time. Under this tab you will find a solitaire game that was written in Microsoft Excel, which can be used in nearly any office environment. You will also find a Power Card program and database in Excel that was written for Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Finally you will find a small 2D side scrolling shooter written in Visual Basic 6 and its underlying source code.

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